Family Safety

Family Safety

Pihole for Home

Protecting your family from some of the worst dangers of the internet. That's what Pihole for Home is. Paired with education and support, as well as rock solid privacy and security, The Doodle Project provides you with the tools to keep you safe. Pihole for Home is a simple solution that requires only about 10 minutes to set up whereby we route your DNS queries from your home network through our protection system and filter/block some of the worst offenders on the net. 

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Pihole does take some getting used to! You will be amazed (aghast?) at how much bad stuff you are inadvertently sending out onto the net when you just want to look at cute cat pictures or send mom an email. The website tracking filters alone make this service worth its weight in gold. Pihole is not a panacea. It WILL NOT block everything. Some bad things will get through.

You should ALWAYS treat this as a tool, not a solution - always start by talking to the kids about Internet safety. We can help you with that too by training you on what to talk about. That said, it will sometimes block VALID things you are trying to do. To work around that, you can send a simple text message to our system, and it will temporarily turn the filters off for you or configure an “adults” network that does no blocking.

We provide advanced filters so we can keep your network family friendly.

  1. Abuse
  2. Ads
  3. Drugs
  4. Fraud
  5. Gambling
  6. Malware
  7. Phishing
  8. Porn
  9. Ransomware

We can alert you if your network starts blocking lots of the above, or, we can be completely hands off and just let it run. You can also request blocking of specific sites any time.

We help you configure your home. We start by finding your IP address on the internet, then we'll configure your home router to point your DNS settings to our service. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes! If you'd like to separate your network to have a “family” network and an “adults” network, we can do that for you as well (subject to your router's capabilities).

Online Shoppers - ever wonder why you can get such great prices on new sneakers? It's because your data is worth more than the thing you are about to score a super deal on. Shopping and coupon sites are some of the worst offenders of tracking. This may cause you frustration - first at the tool, then at the shopping companies for doing such bad things. We're here to help you learn and protect your privacy!

Protect your family by starting here.

We also offer an ad-on you can also purchase to protect your Android or iOS devices when you're not at home for $5/phone/month. You can purchase that here after purchasing the main service.


ValtWarden is a password manager. It's an open source implementation of the well respected BitWarden.

Why a service? You have to have a place to store your data so you can sync your many devices to a central repository. And if you lose your device(s), you can still get into your passwords.

Cost? Free! Just sign up here. No spam.

BitWarden offers clients for Windows and Mac that work with VaultWarden. You'll also need a browser extension to do auto filling of passwords when you visit a website. See here for that.

When setting up your clients, make sure to select "Self-Hosted" and enter: as your server endpoint!

The Family IT Team

Family IT Team - $150/year

  1. Unlimited email-based support.
  2. Includes up to 6 hands on remote assist or in person support sessions of one hour or less ($300/value)
  3. Free access to PiHole for Home (home networks only, mobile devices regular price, $70/value)

Your own professional IT team for the family. Keeping you safe from the badware on the internet, helping you learn how to protect your kids, and answering those challenging tech questions. We'll support you every step of the way by supporting your home's IT needs. 

  • Mobile devices? Check.
  • Home network? Check.
  • Downloaded something funky? We got you.
  • Protect your data and passwords? We'll show you how.

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The Doodle Project is a small business located in Frisco, TX with a mission to make the internet just a bit safer for you and your family. Don't spend hundreds on a big name corporation that might help you, or might steal your data. We provide you best practice advice in addition to setup and repairs with the knowledge gained from over 20 years in the business. We also keep you informed on emerging trends and threats that can impact your network, your devices, and your family.

Unlimited email-based tech support questions about anything tech related. Unfortunately, that doesn't include audio/visual stuff. We're computer nerds, not audio nerds - there's a difference! How to's, recommendations, questions, troubleshooting (which may need to escalate to hands on/remote support), and more. 24-hour turnaround, 7 days a week. Emergency IT booboo? Gotcha covered (within reason). 

Up to 6 one-hour hands on remote or in-person (in the Frisco area) support sessions to help you get things set up, repaired, and configured. Includes Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android support. Includes home networking advice, planning, setup. That doesn't include any wiring - I mean, we can do it, but we don't like to. We even show you what we're doing and help you learn about best practices along the way. Additional hands on remote or in person sessions are billed at $75/hour.

As a member of Family IT Team, we also provide you included access to our PiHole for Home service. Learn more about how PiHole for Home can protect you and your family here.

Getting started with the Family IT Team is easy - just click here or email us at or click the little chat link to the right of the screen for a free consultation.