Small Business

Small Business

Small Business IT Management

Are you a local small business in need of an IT overhaul? Do you need to protect your devices from the ever-increasing badware to remain compliant and keep your data safe? The Doodle Project offers a range of services to help your company do more with less.

  1. Full mobile device management and monitoring (iOS and Mac) - $10/device/month includes tooling as well as manage/monitor support. Billed annually. Includes unlimited email based support and IT emergencies (within reason).
  2. Full Windows laptop/desktop management - we use Microsoft Office 365! Depending on your needs, prices range from $10 - $45/device/month. Pricing passed along at cost with a 5% markup to manage and monitor. Billed annually. Includes unlimited email based support and IT emergencies (within reason). Includes security / patching based remote assist. For regular remote assist, see below. Active hardware warranty plan from your PC vendor required.
  3. Network design and implementation - small business and home office network design and build. We work with you to build the network you need at the lowest possible cost while still maintaining security and performance best practices. Quoted cost includes design, installation, and one month of support. Does not include hardware purchase. Unique to each customer based on the hardware you may already have and/or hardware you may need to order.
  4. Simple PC refresh - strangely our most popular service :) We backup your files, wipe the machine, and set it up so you can control it. Clears the badware, validates the hardware and drivers, and sets up for multi-user / shared use (off domain) to prevent regular users from making changes. One time release - does not include monthly device management and monitoring. Includes suggestions and analysis on your tooling and support. $100/device.
  5. Full Office 365 or Zoho One setup and deployment, migration, and training. Cost is based on a variety of factors. Sign up today for a free consultation here.

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Support Services

In addition to the above setup and remediation services, The Doodle Project offers small businesses the following support services:

  1. Unlimited email-based support only - consultation, quick fix support directions, IT emergencies (within reason) - $100/month. 24-hour turnaround.
  2. Remote assist - $50/incident - need us to get hands on and fix a sticky wicket you've found yourself in? For $50/incident, we can get you sorted. It could be a "how do I," a "this is busted but it's not an emergency," or anything in between. If we can't solve it, we'll let you know - but we likely can. Unless it's hardware related, in which case, you'll need to leverage your hardware warranty plan. (You do have a hardware warranty plan right?

What's an IT Emergency

It's about like it sounds - you or your company is down, and business has stopped. Maybe it's ransomware, maybe it's a hacker, or even an accidentally deleted or corrupted file. Whatever causes you to come to a grinding halt - we're here for you. In an emergency, get support now (within reason) and we'll do our very best to help.

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Meeting Services

Online meetings shouldn't be hard. We offer several options. Just reach out to to onboard to them!

  1. DoodleMeet - based on the open source Kopano Meet
    1. $2/month/registered user
    2. No client to download
  2. BigBlueButton (BBB) and Greenlight
    1. $6/server/month
    2. Servers in California and Germany
  3. Nextcloud Talk High Performance Backend
    1. $4/server/month
    2. Requires Nextcloud (see below)


Whether you need it for your small business (dedicated) or individual use (shared), NextCloud is a great personal information management solution with great open source development and ongoing support.

  1. Dedicated = $50/month and 1GB of included storage/user which can grow as needed for a small fee.
  2. Shared = $10/month and 1GB of included storage which can grow as needed for a small fee.

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The instances of NextCloud with The Doodle Project does these amazing things and you can enjoy these and other new features which get added all the time.

  1. Files
  2. RSS Feeds
  3. Forms for Public information gathering
  4. Polls
  5. Cookbook
  7. Password Manager
  8. Notes
  9. Calendar (it is a caldav server)
  10. Contacts (it is a caldav server)
  11. Online web based docs, spreadsheets, presentations editing via OnlyOffice support

and more!

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