Learn More About TDPAuctions

Running a live auction for your charity can be challenging. But TDPAuctions makes it so much simpler. Let's take a look:


  1. Creating the auction consists of 3 quick steps. Once registered, you give it a Title, Subdomain (which we help you with), and Description:
  1. Next, we define the particulars of the auction:

This includes start/end date and time, whether to stagger the start time for items, if we allow bidding on items before the live event actually starts, and define who the sellers are. We support multiple sellers if required to make loading your items even easier.

  1. Next, we define our shipping and payment terms. Many auctions are pick up only. Some are shipment only. You get to pick!

During your prep, you may wish to do some practice runs - in this instance, you can leverage our Payment Simulator to pretend to collect money to without actually collecting money.

  1. Once your auction is prepared, you'll see it listed, along with a QR code. You can leverage the QR code in printouts/flyers so people can get to your auction quickly and easily:
  1. Listing an item in your auction is just as easy! Begin by creating a listing:

Here, you can select a category (which must match the available categories defined in your live auction) to make your items easier to find in our browser/search, along with a Title, Short Description, and Long Description.

  1. Next, you specify the settings for this item like price, reserve, buy now, and more:

By default, TDPAuctions provides snipe protection. That allows your item to continue running a few minutes after the official close if there is a bidding war. You can disable that if you like.

  1. You can upload up to 12 images to represent your item:
  1. Once your item draft is created, it's ready to be added to your auction:


Once your auction begins, people can register by scanning the QR code to land on your auction site. This will then allow them to bid!

  1. Regisration is easy:

We then use your cell phone to authenticate you so we can deliver updates on your bids. Each time you get outbid, or when the auction closes on an item you bid on, you'll get a text message with a link on what to do next.

  1. To place a bid, find the item you like and place a bid:

Bids increment up to the max bid that you and others have placed until there is a high bidder. People that were just outbid by your high bid will get a text with an opportunity to rebid.

  1. Once the auction has ended, and all snipe protection has completed on the item you're bidding on, the winner will receive a text with a congratulations and a link to their shopping cart:
  1. You can then proceed to payment (in this example, we use the payment simulator, but for live auctions, you can do cash/check if collected in person or credit card if in person or virtual).

Once payment is confirmed for all of the items you've won, you'll get an email confirmation.

  1. The event organizer can also see the details of their sales and payment status: