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TDP Auctions

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Are you tired paying INSANE fees for annual non-profit galas or school PTA (or similar) auctions? The Doodle Project is investing in a solution that will bring standard auction capabilities to non-profits for a much more reasonable price point. Instead of paying some massive company 15-30% just to run your auction, how about a couple hundred dollars + the credit card fees passed at cost?

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  • Timed Auctions, Buy Now, Shopping Cart based sales
  • Proxy and silent bidding
  • Live bidding updates via text
  • Snipe protection
  • Bid by scanning QR code
  • Credit cards uses standard gateways (Paypal or Stripe) and passed along to you at cost - we won't store of any credit card data.
  • Mobile website friendly (no dedicated app required)
  • Shipping and pickup support
  • No ads, just a TDP footer with simple branding
  • Multiple admins support with bulk listing
  • Event checkout desk, including option to take alternative forms of payment (handled by the organization).
  • Items get images, text details, and we auto generates a QR code for you to print and scan to bid.
  • Our system will NEVER use your auction participant data like names, email, address, etc outside your auction and we'll never harvest or sell that data to a third party or use it for our own purposes.

How Much? As Little as Possible

While not a non-profit itself, The Doodle Project (TDP) is in business to build a better internet for families and small businesses. Our methodology for developing a price point is based on the size of the auction potential, associated costs, and a modest return on our investment called "auction potential cost sharing" to help us retire the debt we took on to build this great service!

Pricing Details

*Setup Cost: $100 per auction to host, manage, support

*Credit Card fees = ~2.9% per transaction + $0.30 (this is passed to the customer as is from PayPal or Stripe).

*Auction Potential Cost Sharing:
>$500,000 raised = $1,000
$250,000 - $500,000 raised = $750
$100,000 - $250,000 raised = $500
<$100,000 raised = $200

Doing something a bit smaller? We gotcha. Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to custom quote you to make sure you keep as much $ as possible!

In the above example, this means that an organization conducting an auction that plans to raise $250,000 would pay $100 for setup costs, $750 for the event, and the associated credit card transaction fees.

Similarly, an organization that plans to raise $50,000 would pay $100 for costs, $200 for the event, and the associated credit card transaction fees.

Finally, what if your organization completely dominates your fundraising and exceeds your auction potential? Lucky you! Your costs are capped at the time of sign up and we won't charge a premium for your success. And if your auction doesn't go well and you don't earn your auction potential? Also lucky you! We'll refund you the difference down to the next auction potential level.

Our only ask is that you're honest with us about your potential so we can do business together in the future.

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